A Lifetime of Positive Moves

A Lifetime of Positive Moves
During his long and successful career, Peter Byrne kept things moving in a very literal way. He spent his professional life in the transportation industry, rising to become a senior executive in the air cargo and over-the-road motor freight business. He refers to his deadline-driven years as "fun, but highly stressful," and he developed a keen skill for moving valuable materials safely, efficiently and profitably.

Now, at 89, he feels blessed to move the proceeds of his life's work into the hands of the Marianists and other charitable organizations while enjoying reliable income and tax advantages. Peter has invested in numerous charitable gift annuities that not only support the work of the Marianists, but also offer financial benefits to him and his wife, Mary Elizabeth.

Peter is a Philadelphia native and the product of Catholic schools, learning from nuns in grade school, Christian Brothers in high school and Jesuits during college. "I'm grateful for my Catholic education" he says. "I learned that we need to consider why we're here, and we need to do what we can for others." Plus, he says, he got a solid academic education.

During his working career, Peter supported various charities. "Still, I never thought I did enough. My parents had always emphasized giving back. I'm happy to do that now."

Peter has been a donor to the Marianists for more than 25 years. "I greatly respect the work of the Marianists," he says. His main contact has been Marianist Brother Jim Brown, legacy giving director. "I like Brother Jim's friendliness and sense of humor," Peter says. "What I appreciate about him is that we get right to the point and take care of the business at hand."

At this stage of his life, Peter is pleased to know that the proceeds of his working days are helping organizations like the Marianists. "I know many people who have left large sums of money to charity in their wills, but I'm glad I can enjoy that satisfaction while I'm still living," he says.

What is a charitable gift annuity? With a charitable gift annuity, the giver makes a lump-sum gift to the Marianists. This gift may be cash or assets such as appreciated stocks. In return, the Marianists provide the giver with regular monthly income for life. A charitable gift annuity allows individuals to support the work of the Marianists while enjoying current tax savings and securing their own futures.

To learn more about charitable gift annuities, please contact Brother Jim Brown, SM, at 1.800.348.4732 or visit www.marianistlegacy.com.